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Our counselors come from various counseling organizations throughout Baden-Württemberg - a click on the map below will tell you which organizations counsel at which locations. All counselors have a biographical background in the LGBTTQIA+ spectrum themselves and have additionally completed various therapeutic and/or pedagogical trainings, including further training in systemic online counseling. They can therefore provide professional, competent and experience-based counseling on topics such as gender diversity as well as diversity of sexual orientations. You can find more information about the network of LGBTTQI counseling facilities and our quality standards here.

You can contact us with your personal counseling matters, as a family member, or as a professional. By clicking on the tiles below, you can learn more about potential topics and questions on which we provide counseling. You can directly book an appointment or send us an e-mail. We are available for live chat consultations on Mondays from 5pm-7pm and on Wednesdays from 6pm-8pm. If you still have questions, check out the FAQ section at the very bottom of the page or e-mail us directly.

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If you need personal counseling, feel free to call us or to come to one of our offices.


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General questions about online counseling

You can change the language of the website in the menu. Also, our counselors speak different languages.

The initial consultation is always free of charge. Since each of our counseling centers has its own requirements and conditions for the assumption of costs of counseling sessions, we will discuss during the initial counseling session what possibilities there are for further counseling and what costs might be incurred. The initial consultation does not oblige you to engage in further counseling.

To register, all you need is an e-mail address with which you can create a personal account. For this purpose you give yourself a (self-chosen) name and a password.

We want to guarantee a well-protected counseling environment where unauthorized persons do not have access to your personal details, questions, concerns and counseling content.

You will find a live chat icon on the start screen. When our counselors are online during the consultation hours, you can also contact them directly without logging in.

Online counseling is of course also possible without us knowing your name and your identity. You can use a (self-chosen) name ("nickname") and a mail address of your choice. These are the only things we need from you. We also attach great importance to the fact that you are always addressed with your possible name of choice and the pronoun that suits you best. - All employees of the online counseling are also subject to the duty of confidentiality (§203 StGB).

You can select the name of the counselor in question directly from the drop-down filter during registration. Please note that the response time may be longer if you contact a specific person directly.

If you have forgotten your password, you can request it. Click on the Login section in the counseling center and select "Forgot password". Here you enter your user name and e-mail address that you used when you registered. Click on "Request" so that the password will be sent to your mail account.

To delete your data, you must be logged in. With a click on the profile picture in the upper right corner the function "My details" opens. Here you can change / update your data and delete your account.

Both of our projects are indeed regionally limited to Baden-Württemberg. For this reason, either the place of residence must be in Baden-Württemberg or there must be a work-related connection to Baden-Württemberg.

Of course, we will not turn you away in urgent emergencies, but we do kindly ask you to check whether there is a comparable counseling service within your state.

If you submit a general request to all counselors, we will respond to your request within two business days and try to schedule an initial appointment for you within two weeks. If you contact a specific person directly, there may be longer waiting times.

Our counselors have pedagogical and/or therapeutic training or many years of experience in counseling. All of them have also completed further training as systemic online counselors. All other qualifications and additional training, as well as the respective therapeutic and counseling specialties, can be viewed in the respective profiles of the counselors.

It is also important for us to mention that all of our online counselors have their own biographical background in the LGBTTQIA+ spectrum.

L - stands for lesbian.

G - stands for gay.

B - stands for bisexual.

T - stands for transsexual.

T - stands for transgender.

Q - stands for queer.

I - stands for intersex.

A - stands for asexual.

+ makes clear that the preceding terms do not represent an exhaustive list.

Important principles of our counseling work are the acceptance and recognition of diversity in two dimensions:

  • Acceptance of gender diversity and
  • Acceptance of life forms beyond hetero-normative models.

You can obtain more information about the project and our counseling and training services from our website: https://www.beratung-lsbttiq.net/

We have compiled the developed requirements, quality standards and quality assurance measures for LGBTTQI counseling in Baden-Württemberg in a brochure. It was published on 28.2.2017 and can be downloaded from the following page: https://www.beratung-lsbttiq.net/standards-feedback

On this page you will also find information about our complaint management. Furthermore, you have the possibility to download our feedback form for the counseling work there.

If you would like a personal counseling appointment, you will find a list of our member organizations and counseling centers on the following page, which you can view in both a regional and a thematic list. You are welcome to book a face-to-face counseling appointment there with an organization or counseling center near you: https://www.beratung-lsbttiq.net/beratung

Our duty of confidentiality is defined in the Criminal Code by § 203. According to this, we may not disclose any secrets entrusted to us to third parties.

The obligation to maintain confidentiality is the basis for being able to openly discuss all relevant aspects and backgrounds in a counseling session without, for example, neighbors, colleagues, employers or authorities being able to obtain information on this.

The obligation to maintain confidentiality represents a high legal value that is important for our work. Breaking confidentiality is punishable by severe sanctions and there are therefore only a few exceptions that justify disregarding confidentiality.

You can find all information about the “LSBTTIQ Netzwerk Baden-Württemberg”, the members and projects on the website of the network: https://www.netzwerk-lsbttiq.net/

Publications on various topics and key issues can also be found there.

More information can be found, for example, on the pages of the various member organizations in the network. Here is a link to the listing:


For the field of counseling and therapeutic support, we recommend the pages of the VLSP:


For information on legal and judicial issues, please visit the pages of the LSVD:



The implementation of the "Online counseling by and for LGBTTQI people in Baden-Württemberg" is funded by the German Television Lottery. The counseling work of the LGBTTQI Network Baden-Württemberg is funded by the Ministry of Social Affairs and Integration Baden-Württemberg through the project "Statewide Counseling for LGBTTQI People in Baden-Württemberg" as part of the action plan "For Acceptance & Equal Rights Baden-Württemberg".

Support of the statewide counseling for LGBTTQIA+

To provide professionally sound and customized counseling on gender identity and sexual orientation continues to require an enormous amount of volunteer work, in addition to the funding from the state of Baden-Württemberg.

If you wish to support us in this, we would be pleased to receive donations.

Our donation account

Verein zur Unterstützung des Netzwerks LSBTTIQ Baden-Württemberg e.V.
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