Relatives, family and friends

Our counseling services are not only aimed at individuals with their own counseling requests, but also at the social environment. Especially relatives, family and friends are often the first point of contact when it comes to confiding in others with a background in the area of gender diversity and/or diversity of sexual orientation. It can be about the own child, the partner, friend, or a person within the family, personal or social environment. This new or changed situation often upsets a lot of things and not only the person concerned needs support, but also you yourself are confronted with many questions, worries, fears and new experiences. Perhaps you are currently asking yourself one of the following questions and, for this reason, have a need for our counseling services:

  • How can I myself support the person in question?
  • With whom can I talk about the many new impressions?
  • What about my questions, worries and fears?

Whether you have a specific question or a circumscribed counseling request, or whether you simply want to share your thoughts, feelings and experiences with someone, with us you are in the right place. We can advise you on all issues related to gender diversity and the diversity of sexual orientation (LGBTTQIA+).

Your first counseling session is always free of charge!

Since each of our counseling centers has its own requirements and conditions for the assumption of costs of counseling and therapeutic sessions, please ask during your first consultation what possibilities there are for further support and for which services costs might be incurred in the future - after your first free appointment. In general, your counselor will also inform you about further possibilities and the associated potential costs.


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In case you would like to get in touch with our project other than for a specific counseling request, please use the following e-mail address: onlineberatung(at)

Support of the statewide counseling for LGBTTQIA+

To provide professionally sound and customized counseling on gender identity and sexual orientation continues to require an enormous amount of volunteer work, in addition to the funding from the state of Baden-Württemberg.

If you wish to support us in this, we would be pleased to receive donations.

Our donation account

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